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Pigment dyeing

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Continuous pigment dyeing on various fibre types

Co-ordinated products are used for pigment dyeing. It makes sense to use the complete system. In this way the highest operating reliability and the best colour results can be achieved. Pigment dye has the advantage of being very cost-effective and simple. Light and medium colour depths are possible.

Colour binders:

The binder for continuous pigment dyeing must fulfil special requirements such as a soft handle, high binder film transparency and no build-up of deposits on the rollers.

Trade name: PADICOLL

Anti-migration agents:
We have various migration inhibitors in our range to prevent dye wandering on the fabric surface and the resulting colour differences during drying.

Trade name: PADICOLL

Dispersers/ Emulsifiers:
Special emulsifiers and dispersers are used in order to increase the machine service life. Our products additionally offer colour deepening and brilliance-increasing properties.

Trade name: PADICOLL

Other additives:
If required, the dyeing process can be combined with an easy-care finish.


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Due to our presence in every important mar- ket in the world, we have become one of the leading producers of this industry. Nowadays, the CHT/BEZEMA group, its affiliated companies and representatives are active in more than 50 countries.
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